India Inc.'s Wails vs. Citizen-Consumer's

Sure, India Inc. is justified in bemoaning the slow pace of reforms. But that's telling only half the story. What about the citizen? Shouldn't the citizen-consumer's cries be heard? 

As much as we need investments, we need consumption too. Investments bring in jobs. Jobs turn people into earners. Earnings when spent turn citizens into consumers. Such consumption is equally important for growth!

To aid investment and spur consumption, the answer doesn't come with government. The solution instead lies in minimal government. India Inc. should be calling for 'less' government, and not 'better' government. The concept of 'better' government is a non-existent one. When one isn't accountable for the money one spends, one spends it sans responsibility. That's what governments do. Spend other people's money with abandon and zero accountability.

If I am given a choice, I'd say the citizen-consumer's wails are far more justified than India Inc.'s. Why? 'Cos India Inc.' has had a lovely run with wealth making in the country till the 1990s. They came up with the lousiest products and services possible, exacting consumer patronage though running monopolies, all with the government blessings. Even now, some of them operate in regulated markets with government blessings!

So their current cries are a bit unnerving.

Its the citizen-consumer who's always borne the brunt of government incompetence. Its time to save him. 


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