What free McMuffins can't do for McDonald's

This is McDonald's India MD Vikram Bakshi's take on why McDonald's gave away free McMuffins on National Breakfast Day, "Through this campaign, we want to position McDonald's as a place where you can go at any time, right from the morning when you have your breakfast to late in the evening when you are coming from a movie, and have a quick bite and leave. The idea is to create awareness that we are available right from 8 in the morning to 1 am in the morning. We want to tell our customers that McDonald's is available and it is like a convenience store for you. We are penetrating the large metros and then moving to smaller markets."

Well Vikram, what can I say other than that the damn free McMuffin won't make a whit of a difference to me and my family considering what we endured at McDonald's last Sunday when we dropped in for breakfast.

Here's the list. Read carefully Vikram, so you don't waste money on hare-brained promo-schemes in the future.

  1. The Happy Meal that Jaden, my six year old was plumping for didn't have any choice for toys. In fact the toy that was dismissively given to us was a crappy li'l stamp in shape of something. Why blare about your happy meal (with lit up display boards) when there's nothing in it to make my kid happy!?
  2. No nuggets for breakfast. My kids, a six and a two year old, have to eat McMuffins when their favorite breakfast food's nuggets. Probably nuggets aren't part of your breakfast spread, but then who gives damn to your spread. Its about the spread my kids want that you need to feature! Remember its the customer, stupid!
  3. Alphy and me had to settle for tea on our breakfast meal, though we wanted coffee. Know what, the goddamn coffee making machine in the store had conked out. Now why am I not surprised?
  4. To top it all off, we had to encounter the lousy attitude dished by the Store Manager. His apology was a hissed one! Ever encountered such apologies, Vikram? FYI, the bitter aftertaste it leaves is a once in a lifetime experience! The guy then gives me stories about stock management which frankly I have no interest in when at breakfast.
Overall a lousy breakfast experience, and you think Vikram a few free McMuffins are going to work? 

Take it from me, it'll be a while before McDonald's makes money on breakfast in India. As for us, we'll probably slip back to A2B or Indian Coffee House for their coffee and dosas!



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