Why Ford Figo should be celebrating

JWT India has been penalized for the leaked (online) 'tasteless' adverts on Ford Figo?

I don't get it.

Ford should be thanking JWT. Their drowning Figo is now climbing the recall charts. What's more, we even know its got a spacious boot! Imagine that. In an era where brands earn zero recall despite millions of Ad dollars, Figo's inadvertently (who knows?) engineered learning and recall with a zero spend!

Oh, I get it. It was tasteless.


Why am I not surprised liberals have their priorities all messed up? In an era where the real gets swept under perceptual carpets, browbeating over the tasteless will surely take precedence over real violence against women.

Onward liberals, let the charades roll on!


Sir,when the ad was uploaded, it was just the time when there was huge uproar in the country against the delhi gang rape..Now this sexist ad was not only distasteful at that point of time but was kind of instigating a rape culture with the picturization of scantily clad women, for no apparent reason.
Ray Titus said…
Lellin, agreed the Ad was tasteless, but it still misplaced priorities.

Mock outrage is just noise! It does nothing to address the real issue of violence against women.
Unknown said…
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