Queer is Cool, Fastrack's Cool

Expert opinions are in. Fastrack's closet campaign has been construed as challenging prevalent social mores. Some think that's a good idea, others think otherwise.

I think they've missed the wood for the trees.

Fastrack couldn't care less if people moved on, or didn't. What it cares for is sales. Sales happen when their target consumers buy. To get them to buy, Fastrack has to connect to their sensibilities via positioning. The brand's putting on the progressive front 'cos it knows its target consumers take to such 'progression'. LGBT is no big deal to Fastrack's target, the urban youth. My bet is, the latter even thinks Fastrack's cool for the LGBT-allied identity.

Queer is cool.

Fastrack's cool.

Plus don't forget the eyeballs and PR such an Ad can draw!  


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