The Irrational Modern Woman, Sexual Anarchy, & 'Rape Culture'.

Consider that every choice, every decision, every plan, and every venture requires picking between goods, a selection of a certain path to the exclusion of all others. The ability to choose greater over lesser goods and higher over lower paths is known as reason -- the mind projecting consciousness forward, attempting to predict outcome and choosing for itself which is superior toward the pursuit of happiness (whether by conscience, Law, urge, or intellect).
Choice cannot be avoided.  Supposing a woman chooses marriage, she forfeits the liberty to choose partners at will; supposing she chooses to work, she forfeits care of her children. In every decision, something is gained, and something else is either lost or lessened.  We choose because we believe that our choice is best, and when we choose wrongly, the spirit of liberty -- to those possessive of it -- accepts responsibility for any unpleasant ramifications. Those who cannot accept responsibility cannot maintain liberty, and those who deserve liberty constantly assert their own responsibility.
But modern woman, high on the mind-numbing intoxicants of unwarranted self-esteem and vanity, believes herself exempt from the laws of nature, proclaiming herself capable of achieving all ends without suffering any ramifications of choice -- a proclamation which would but for the obstinacy of womankind need no examples. She demands liberty for all women to portray themselves as sexual objects and then complains when objectified by random men on the street. She lambasts her father and brothers with lyrics such as "I'm just a girl ... and they won't let me walk the streets at night" and then blames patriarchy for her lack of safety. She demands liberty to keep company with drunkards and have sex at random but then desires laws to jeopardize anyone who has sex with her while drinking (see: rape laws of Washington State). She demands to be treated as equally capable and yet claims that women need stronger legal protection because they are the weaker sex. She wants men to defend her against lewd sexual advances and then derides men for using terms such as "slut" while she accepts them. She wants the security of marriage and the liberty of the girlfriend alike -- the legal status of an adult but the marital contract rights of the mentally incapacitate...
In the world of sexual relations, there is no path honorable besides chivalry -- the exaltation of women as endowed with beauty and worthy of protection and service. But we would be mistaken to say that chastity's opposite, sexual degradation -- total disavowal of the necessity of manners, of special protection, and of marriage -- is the most despicable alternative. No, that infamy is left forchivalry compromised, the idea that chivalry is good but can be forfeited at any moment depending upon the situation itself. For it is better to have no morals at all and be known a devil than to compromise in any way the angelic.
But show me a woman with grace and charm, sensibility and righteousness -- goodness and beauty combined! This woman, this angel, this gift of God to men -- may she be adored, and not just adored, but protected by all men! And wherever such women are -- buried, for the present moment, beneath mountains of feminist propaganda and slander -- let us love them; and for the rest, may we wake them from their slumber! Let men stand together in unanimity, and testify that whatever woman thinks of us, we will be gentlemen -- and we expect women to be ladies!

- Jeremy Egerer (is a convert to biblical conservatism from radical liberalism and the editor of the Seattle website American Clarity welcomes friend requests on Facebook.)


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