The Socialist helps no one but himself

So, what about survival at Rs. 32/day? Well unless you want a malnourished, hungry, underproductive worker class, its time to raise that number for sure! Maybe Steve Jobs was trying to reach out to our planning commission literally when he said “Stay hungry, stay foolish”. Food for thought?

That's the from the Rs100aday Blog.

The greatest tragedy of our country is the lack of academic and research institutions that teach us the merits of free markets, and influence public policy. That is why we are continuously bombarded with the kind of nonsense the Blog above espouses. The guys behind the blog think government should up their payouts to the poor (from 32 to 72 a day). They think that will help mitigate poverty. 

Fat chance. 

All that will do is keep the poor poor, and burn bigger holes in taxpayer pockets. Who benefits when government burns bigger holes? The corrupt socialist-political economy.

I know it'll take while before we get it. That we have no rights, except that to our life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness.

Every other 'right' exercised via government  including right to food, healthcare, education is both immoral in design, and implementation. Such 'rights' are doled out in plenty in socialistic countries, not because government cares, but because that's what keeps them in power via the votes of the handout-receiving classes. Its a pity such rights get exercised via the wealth of the industrious that is taken away to be distributed amongst the slothful.


Free markets do not absolve us citizens of our moral responsibility.  Meaning if our industrious nature brings us wealth, it still is our responsibility to lend a helping hand to those less fortunate than us. Just that such helping needs to be voluntarily, not coerced.

Socialist economies assume helping hands won't exist if people are given the choice. Socialist economies believe if people are given a choice they will remain hoarders, and not bother about the less fortunate. So they come up with the 'Right To' idiocies.

Do such 'rights' work?

Sure they do. In filling the coffers of those that are behind such schemes.

For the rest of us, the story remains the same. The taxpayer keeps paying, burning holes. The recipients supposed to benefit from such payouts continue to wallow in poverty.

Its status-quo all around.



Thoughtful. Free market economy has its fundamental philosophy closely similar to what has worked for millions of years in nature- Struggle for existence and survival of the fittest..
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Very much true sir. And I wish the policy makers need to imbibe this rationale at least to make this country a sensible place to live.

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