Here's how to avoid apologies

Two weeks away on a holiday meant Jaden had piles of homework when we got back. Helping him with it turned frustrating after a while. The frustration led me to snap at Jaden. Poor fellow, tears welled up and I realized I had gone too far. 

I know there's only so much fun you can have with homework, after a while it gets taxing, but it still needs to be done. Only, it can do without my rants. That way though the work may weigh down, it still will get done sans any grief.

After his homework was completed, I sat Jaden down and told him I was sorry I snapped at him. He shrugged it away, but I persisted 'cos I needed him to know I was sorry. I repeated the apology so he knew. He said he did.

You see, emotional Intelligence is as much about self-awareness as it is self-regulation. What's emotionally intelligent is, if you lose it and know you did, you are self-aware. What's better is if you know you're losing it, and you can stop yourself from snapping. No apology needed in such a case. The latter illustrates an advanced level of emotional intelligence.

Now that's something I need to get to, more often than not.

Market followers are those firms that can follow changes in macro-environmental variables and their impact on consumer behavior. Guess what, the smarter firms in the market place are those that can preempt environmental change, thus predict future consumption patterns. Such firms turn out to be market drivers.

Market drivers lord over followers. Just like self-aware and self-regulating people best out those who are aware but apologize.


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