Marketing & Re-positioning Catholicism with a 'New Balance'

Its pretty evident to see why the Pope is marketing and re-positioning Catholicism with his 'new balance' approach.

But first things first.

Marketing is constructing and delivering superior value propositions to a target set of consumers. Positioning is getting into their heads from a perceptual perspective and occupying a unique space.

Now back to Catholicism and the Pope.

The last few decades have seen the faithful leaving the catholic church in droves. Why? The tenets they were supposed to hold to don't appeal to them anymore. Again, why? Catholics of today unlike Protestants have liberal sensibilities, and in the new age, its all about being gay and promiscuous. In fact, being the latter is being cool. So is slaughtering babies in wombs. So liberal Catholics did what came naturally to them. Leave the church.

What is the latest Pope's response to such abandonment by the faithful?

Construct the Catholic value proposition afresh. With his interview, he just made the beginning by doing the positioning act. He called for a 'new balance'.

Now I really don't care what the Pope called for. I just hope he doesn't call it the 'Christian faith'. 


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