The Age of Wonders

Andrew Kalvan just spoke my mind. So here it is, the way he said it, and the way I would say it. 

... Are we conservatives philosophically obligated to object to the world as it is and to long to restore it to some previous state? What state, I wonder? When men were men? When hard work was a value? When women waited for marriage? When knighthood was in flower?

Because I have to tell you, dude: I don’t feel that way at all. I love the modern world! Are you kidding me? I love the internet, I love smart phones, I love cars that don’t break down all the time, I love recorded music and books I can download at three in the morning when I can’t sleep. I love medicine that actually works and scientific exploration into the deepest mysteries of matter. A guy in his fifties used to be old: I love the fact that I’m on top of my game because of better nutrition and exercise advice and a fuller understanding of the human body.

I’ll tell you what else I love: women who can choose the direction of their lives, blacks who can use whatever freaking bathroom they want, and gays who can have the solace of romantic love like the rest of us no matter what you think of it. I love the fact that I can believe in Jesus Christ with all my heart and the guy next to me at the bar can be a nihilist and we can watch the 49ers on TV together without worrying about burning each other at the stake. I love jet planes that take you to other countries, and Skype calls that let me see people I love who are far away, and special effects in movies that make it look like New York is exploding. Truly, it’s an age of wonders.


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