The Tyranny of Taxes

If an educational facility has a guaranteed flow money, no matter how poorly they perform, then that facility has absolutely no incentive to provide better quality service at an affordable cost. This will always happen in government school because they know they will get your money no matter what via taxation. People can complain to them all they want about quality or cost of education, but they have zero motivation to change things. They will get your money no matter what, and they know it.

On the other hand, if individuals had the opportunity to choose between private schools, then each school would have to perform at it's best. Schools would compete each other for students. The most innovative and reasonably priced school would be the most popular. The less fortunate children could become students of the private schools through donations. Individuals could donate to the schools of their choice. If a school fails to perform, then individuals can either remove their children from the schools or stop donating to them. This competition between the schools will incentivize each school to provide the best possible service at the most affordable cost.

In the current system, there is very little innovation. The system we have today is based on the Prussian school system from the early 19th century. This is unacceptable. Children do not need to be segregated into groups based on age to become educated. Children don't need to be locked in dreary buildings all day in order to learn. Children don't need to move from classroom to classroom to learn. Learning should be a beautiful and amazing experience for kids. It should not be forced, but instead, it should be encouraged.

So, this is why I would like to see the government out of education. It stifles innovation. It raises costs. Competition is the only way we will even begin to see lower cost of education. Competition is the only way we will see new and amazing methods to educate children. Competition is the only way we will ever achieve the highest quality education. Competition is the only way we will unleash the true brilliance in so many children.

So, yes, even if my children were in public schools, I would still be 100% against any type funding that forces people to participate.

- Robert Fernanades, Forks Township Resident.


R Chaitanya said…

I have been hearing such talks on changing the system for a long time now. Nothing has happened I fear nothing will happen either...
Vishnu Raghavan said…
equality of opportunity is fair but equality of outcome stifles effort

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