Tim Cook may have done a Mike Jeffries

In my book, Tim Cook's done a Mike Jeffries. The latter did his brand quite a bit of damage with his pin-headed 'plus-size' PR faux pas.

Now Tim cook's done his turn in idiocy.

He just announced Apple isn't in the 'junk business'. What he meant was Apple didn't make phones for the sweaty masses, and doesn't intend to any time in the future. Wow. What an idiot! Its one thing to position a brand to appeal to its target segment, and another to shoot off your mouth, invite bad PR and risk alienating the non-target crowd. Maybe Tim doesn't mind such alienation, as its the masses who aren't his company's target segment who may nurse a grudge; but I say its still a huge risk.


Probably there's enough sensible people in the 'Apple crowd' to take offense and not engage with the brand anymore. Plus who's to say the alienated bunch doesn't have within its ranks blokes who may want to graduate to an Apple?

My gut tells me Tim's another liberal elitist who thinks his brand is God's gift to mankind. Maybe it is to the dimwits; not to me, and If there's more like me, Apple better be wary.


This is definitely in bad taste from a person of Tim's stature. What remains interesting to see is the BEWITCHING OFFERINGS that APPLE has in its ARSENAL for the NON-JUNK masses!!

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