Where did the academic liberal socialist ideologue spout from?

Who can bankrupt us as a country?

The government with their wasteful (because no one benefits, including the poor) socialist spending.

Add to the list liberal socialist (academic) intellectuals who act as ideologues. Now its easy to see why academic liberals spout their socialist nonsense. Its because they've never really known what is 'hard-earned' money. They work at institutions supported by the government, which means they are pretty much in a job that's set for life. They don't know what it is like to be insecure about a paycheck. Why will they be? After all, the taxpayer pays every penny they 'earn'.

What else did the taxpayer do for the academic socialist ideologue?

They paid for their education too. The socialists probably graduated from government supported institutions. Which again means they almost never paid for their education. Pray who did? The taxpayer!

Imagine that. The taxpayer paid for their education. The taxpayer pays their salary.


Tell me, how can these academics be anything but socialist ideologues with ideas that can bankrupt us as a country?


Welcome to socialist hell where the socialists mooch and get by; the middle-class sweat for a living and yet have to stare down the barrel.



Sir, intending no offense to you....the ones who study in government run institutions are indeed by dint of their hard work and meritocracy(reservations are an exception)....And along with socialist spending, its the SWISS BANK SAVING (read corruption)which is the major cause of the catastrophe.

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