Let's 'de-Americanize' and 'Chinize' instead!

The Chinese media says its time to 'de-Americanize'. An editorial states thus, 'Days when the destinies of others are in the hands of a hypocritical nation have to be terminated, and a new world order should be put in place, according to which all nations, big or small, poor or rich, can have their key interests respected and protected on an equal footing.'

Wow. What a great idea! Let's 'de-Americanize' and 'Chinize' instead.

Let's kiss all our liberties away. Let's have the state tell us how many children we can have. Lets have the state decide what is taught at our schools. If the state wants our kids to sing, 'the army loves the people, the people love the army', and turn them into zombies singing praises to the state, let's just do it. Let's have the state raise our children, take care of their glorious future.

Why just our children? Let's have the state decide our individual and collective destinies. Let's let the state tell us the kind of work we can do, the kind of stuff we can buy, the sort of entertainment we can enjoy. Let's just all be good people, turn meek and submit to the will of the state. After all, the state knows better than us, what's best for us! If by any chance any of us protest the ways of the state let's allow the state to waste us away, and our families the way they choose. Let's for example agree to be institutionalized because the state brands us nuts for our rebellion.

Hey, let's all go 'Chinize'. It's so much better than 'Americanize'. We will all then live happily ever after with a loving state.

Ooooh, I am all excited! Its a happy happy day!


Sir....definitely a different perspective, but when we see where China stands today.....one is compelled to think its all for a good cause.
Vishnu Raghavan said…
Am no fan of China and its systems- they have struck me as grotesque in the extreme- We have also seen and witnessed the horrors of Joseph Stalin and his Gulag horror labour camps
But curious questions remain wrt the USA
1) The propaganda Machinery seems to be used in all nations- democratic or communist totalitarian. The objective is as Noam Chomsky says, the means to keep the great beast or the public in control. Sounds eerily familiar
2) The american nation and the freedom loving republicans under George Bush actually led the american nation into a war in Iraq, one that many americans now feel was unjustified. More than that, they actually led a volunteer army into Iraq on the pretext of WMD- there was never any intelligence related information to Corroborate this- Except in the overheated imaginations of the leaders of the USA at that time.- Subsequently of course the WMD mutated to the desire to bring a decent way of life to the inhabitants of IRAQ- read democracy to suit American interests. The same saddam hussain had been a favoured man bu the establishment.
3) The public in America also voted for this president a second time- a pretty telling comment on the american public as much as the power of propaganda. The Americans pride themselves as the oldest democracy- so maybe George Bush getting relected shows that the American democratic process may be getting senile.
5) Anglo American policies even during WW2 did not oppose Fascism either- at least not in the early stages. They viewed communism as a greater threat to freedom and actually aided and abetted fascism- not at all what many right thinking freedom loving democratically inclined humans would have in their minds. By no stretch of the imagination can Mussolini- a known gangster, and Hitler- a megalomaniac to put it mildly be considered a paragon of freedom loving individuals. Mussolini in fact went as far to claim that liberty is a dead carcass- I kick it. The later stages saw acute hostility to Fascism, as their own interests were getting impeded. So more a case of making a virtue out of a necessity-
6) similar despots were propped up by the USA in the past. In fact the US did support and sustain Pol Pot- whose human rights record speaks volumes. http://www.thirdworldtraveler.com/US_ThirdWorld/US_PolPot.html

One need not lionize the American system. The Chinese system is brutal, but the American system doesn’t exactly smell of roses in this department.

Winter Rain said…
@Vishnu Raghavan, There is no perfect system.
American system comes closes to being the fairest which guarantees life, liberty and pursuit of happiness for every human being. This right is not something that a government gives but is possessed by every person by the reason of his birth. No government respects this other than the US constitution though now it is under attack by the current president and his regime. He is seeking to impose the government on all aspects of the citizenry and it is working. Eventually if the likes of him keeps it up, US will be like Red China.
China is one of the few nations that had no qualms in killing its own people under Mao. It cannot be trusted just like Germany and the Russians.
Ray Titus said…
BB & VR, think about it. Mao in China killed 45 million of his countrymen in just 4 years. That's 10 million lesser than the worldwide death toll under WWII.

VR, maybe freedom doesn't mean much to you. But it does, to me, and to I bet, the Iraqis too. You must be kidding when you draw parallels between free and totalitarian regimes that murder their own people. Far from the 'smell of roses', America is a blooming Rose garden when compared to communist and socialist hellholes around the world!
Vishnu Raghavan said…
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Vishnu Raghavan said…
I think i have made my stand on china pretty clear as well as soviet russia. but the hypocrisy that surrounds american foreign policy is what strikes me as singular- freedom from hussain came at a later stage- at one time he was one of their most favoured despots. and then when they decided to topple him it was on a pretext of wmds- that then changed to bringing freedom when no wmds were found. i dont suppose any sane human will dispute these established fact.
now when it comes to bringing democracy to other areas- well they chose to bully into submission who happpen to be clearly smaller than oneself in size- i would be delighted if they chose to take on militarily huge states like Russia or China. But i suppose it is more courageous (or convenient) to bring democracy(Read preserve American Hegemony)against some small tinpot dictator- like say Gaddafi, or Saddam- Hardly commendable behaviour.
Another fact- there was a saying the only good indian was a dead Indian- in fact it is a clear statement of intent. According to Professor Jared Diamond, the extermination of these people was no less than a genocide- the link to his book is illuminating
so much for life and liberty. And they had no need to invade and destroy all institutions of a country and perpetuate a humanitarian crisis of sorts in Iraq and Libya- for the hell to which those people are reduced the promise of democracy will seem particularly cruel. Those poor blokes in Iraq, had the misfortune of being in the wrong place at the wrong time- of being in the way of American Hegemony. Nothing more.
The system was so perfect that it allowed Socialist Obama- (come now I wouldn’t put any freedom loving American to be so gracious- if he knows his freedom is in jeopardy he would have rejected or unseated obama)- Oh another curiosity will be revealed by this fact- that Obama was actually sponsored by 6000 CEO’s as against 2000 for John McCain- (am unable to recall the authors name but shall post it shortly on recalling the authors name- its been six years since I read it) So money power seems to dictate this election- else why does Ralph Nader never win in this system. – on money in amrican elections
now if money dictates the election, and the CEOs of big firms are providing it it would be reasonable to assume they will want their pound of flesh-Im just guessing- and if what they want is oil, to hell with a few iraqis, or Libyans- the linkage becomes strikingly clear. One does not need to be a genius to connect the dots. The disaster wrought directly or otherwise in Iraq is no illusion
Of course I cannot blame the American public for this. Just as the British public believed they governed india for its own good, the Americans believe the same- that their system is the best- a common enough ailment. At no point am I opposed to liberty- please do not put words in my mouth- I merely stated that America does not necessarily represent such a perfectly free world as we imagine
Winter Rain said…
Vishnu, I get you sentiment. Most people have the same opinion. It is an opinion that you are entitled to. By the way, would take a H1 visa if you were offered one to come to the US? Or for that matter any western country? Do you know where 99% of the modern inventions, life saving medicines come from? Do you know which country is the most charitable in the world? Do you know which country has the largest number of immigrants and thousands waiting to come?
Ray Titus said…
VR, spoken like a true Chomsky-schooled lefty.

Hey, maybe you have a point. Maybe America is the big bad hypocrite-bully; the moneyed corporations have enslaved us poor blokes; the CIA killed Kennedy; Aliens did crash-land at Roswell; the Globe is warming and the end is coming....

Morpheus must have been right, 'The Matrix is the world that has been pulled over our eyes to blind us from the truth.'

Welcome to Hollywood!
Vishnu Raghavan said…
Winter Rain sir, the problem is not the american public- they are like all humans- decent basically and prone to mistakes. Its the policy of the representatives that matters. Will not be able to come to work at this juncture but would be delighted to come sometime as a visitor to the USA- I always harboured dreams of visiting Britain, so maybe shall combine he trip. But at a suitable date. and also the charities are no doubt impressive- it takes a lot to give charities. And their range of inventions is impressive as are the medicines. there are factors that explain these as well. But having the opportunities the public in the USA and Europe have used them to the hilt. It is no mean achievement. And i need not use any old argument to take credit away.

Well Chomsky schooled leftist must be one new adjective to describe me but like the Buddha, If one refuses to accept a present, it stays with the person who gives it. My attacks on leftists and their cronies are numerous to list. They will follow at a suitable time.

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