MasterChef is more Jules than Food to me

Though I don't think too much of either cooking or eating, I must tell you I have been following the MasterChef Australia series. My favorite on the show has been Jules. What an amazing lady! Mum of four, she's fostered 29 kids over the past decade.


Now that Jules is out (on the series currently running in India), I am not too keen on the show. I guess I may still tune in, or sit in when Alphy watches, but it won't be the same without Jules. Unlike what it may seem on the surface, MasterChef isn't as much about cooking as it is people, their struggles and triumphs with food, and their stories. Weaving those stories into food is the real reason why other people tune in. Or at least that's why a certain audience tunes in.

People and their stories are why we get interested, and when those stories mirror ours, a connection is formed. Jules was my connect to the show. Her personality and her stories touched a chord, so I tuned in and stayed.

Most marketers forget the story part of their products. Some even believe stories are costs that mustn't be borne by brands. They are wrong. Brands are products that make you feel. Brands are stories that connect with their target audiences  Any marketer worth his salt shouldn't be the selling products, but engaging in relationships where their consumers go beyond products into buying experiences.

Like I did with MasterChef, and of course Jules!


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