Climbing the 'Desire Ladder'

For Jaden its no longer about just standing ground and holding his own. He now needs to spar and score, over me. Like this morning when he was set on pointing out my siding with Thor wasn't at all smart. Especially since Thor was being pitted against his favorite, Krrish. Tell you what, my gut tells me our li'l back-and-forth this morning wasn't about either Thor or Krrish. It was about Jaden showing me he can go one up on me.

Standing ground is slowly giving way to needing to score over. As for me, its time for a shift in stance.

Consumers climb the 'desire ladder' the way Jaden got from his need to stay his ground, to his desire to score. At first for consumers, its about getting to their 'object of desire'. Its about coveting the brand and exhibiting their identity through it. Once that's done, they soon realize they need to now score over their fellow consumers. After all it isn't just about an identity, its about having one that puts them at the top of the hierarchy, firmly establishing and displaying their superiority over rest of the poor sods. Now it isn't just about coveting brands, its about clinging to ones that beat those patronized by others.

Note, consumer wants/desires can't and won't ever hit an upper limit. The limit will keep climbing in perpetuity. Its only when the consumer kicks the bucket his desires die. Now the marketer needn't at all fret at such closure. The consumer who goes gets replaced by another who starts his own upward climb.

Man, that's such a relief. ;-)


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