Feminists, Leftists, and the crucifixion of Tarun Tejpal

First things first, so the dimwits get it. Tarun Tejpal deserves to be punished if he is guilty of his alleged misdemeanors, without exception.

The feminist-leftist cacophony that we have been witness to may on surface seem like a quest for justice, but if you dig deeper you will uncover something starkly different. In fact in my book, the desire to see Tejpal crucified under the garb of upholding women's rights is probably as dangerous as the alleged crime Tejpal is being charged with.

Feminists have an agenda, as do leftists. Feminists, (like the Joker who wanted to see the world burn) want to see men burn. Spiting men is right up on the 'to do' list of feminists. Leftists on the other hand bay for Tarun's blood because they see him as a betrayer to their cause. Tarun sold out to the bourgeois. How dare he do that after having sworn allegiance to the leftist-socialist cause?

Truth be told, those in the media and politics, and others including feminists and leftists have all hopped on to the 'outrage bandwagon' to further their own causes. Its a pity they are going about their way in the shadow of l'affaire-Tehelka.

Social agendas are personal agendas in disguise. Now that is a far cry from consumption agendas. The consumption act is probably as close to the truth as it gets in the social sphere. Consumption is squarely about consumers. Consumption carries with it no pretenses. Meaning people buy for their own selves. Its a naked personal-benefit deriving act.

Funny that such personal selfish acts of consumption do more for social upliftment and empowerment than those who operate under the banner of feminism and socialism.


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