The imminent demise of economic liberty

Economic freedom is one of many sacred liberties individuals enjoy in our great country. Economic freedom allows for individuals to trade with others as they see fit and in their own best interest. It also allows for sellers to create and offer products of their own choosing, and buyers then elect to purchase that product or to not. Our economy is the largest and most robust in the world partly due to the financial liberty we enjoy. This specific freedom has been a beacon for many people seeking a better life for over two hundred years. Despite the obvious advantages of economic liberty, the progressive agenda continues to encroach on our personal freedom. The Affordable Care Act (ACA), or ObamaCare, is another example of federal overreach...

We want quality affordable healthcare for everyone, especially the most vulnerable among us. The ACA isn't the solution to our problems because it violates economic freedom. Individuals making their own financial decisions with minimum government interference creates wealth and makes our economy strong. We should have laws that protect individual's goals, respect their hard earned money, and allow personal financial decisions be made with minimum political intrusion. We should be aware of and oppose the progressive ideology that stresses the welfare and benefits of selected favorite political groups at the expense of individual economic freedom.


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