Chris Christie's big fat problem is Voter long term memory

The big fat problem Chris Christie is facing isn't the bad press he's getting from his aides-ordered lane closing on the Washington bridge. The real killer for Christie is that the story will now be burned into the long term memory of American voters. If by a miracle voters do forget (though I think that's an impossibility) there'll be enough of his detractors ensuring there's retrieval of the story from the voter's dormant long term memory, come election time.

Which means Christie can pretty much kiss his White House dream goodbye.

When brands craft communiques, and sustain their propagation via multiple media platforms what they intend at is engineering sales. Smart brands are those that ensure communiques work in a manner where they enter and stay in consumer long term memory. They do this by first eliciting the right perceptions, then teaching consumers, and finally engineering the right attitudes that are sustained via long term communique engagements. Staying in long term memory is critical because consumers are expected to buy for a lifetime. Loyal purchases over a lifetime happen only if the brand cements positive inclinations towards it in the consumers' long term memory.

As for Christie, he's gotten into voter long term memory for the wrong reason. It will cost him dear. I for one am not shedding any tears for a man who is in many ways a closet democrat wearing the cloak of a republican.

Tell you what, its good riddance to a closet fake.


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