My favorite Prime Minister, Dr. Manmohan Singh

Sure, under Prime Minister Manmohan Singh the Indian economy has slowed down, but please don't tell me he was the weakest PM ever! Really? Weakest?

Just so I know, please tell me who were these earlier 'strong' Prime Ministers who transformed India into this glorious paradise? Or who are these men or women in politics who've rendered selfless service to the citizenry? Don't be fooled! What you see as economic miracles is actually crony capitalism flourishing! And if it isn't crony capitalism that's being touted as an achievement, it is socialism.

Tell you truth, that's the choice we have as citizens today. Either you can vote for socialism or crony capitalism. Take your pick.

To me, Dr. Manmohan Singh is the best we can ever have. A decent man in a sea of indecency, an honest man in the company of crooks, a learned man making his way through a whirlpool of illiteracy. A humble man finding his place amongst pompous idiots.

That Manmohan Singh lost the only election he contested endears him more to me. That he lost the election is why I believe he was the best we've had. The first Aam Aadmi who became PM.

Sir, you will be missed.

At least by me.


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