Syrupy ad content vs. genuine care in Coke's 'Liquid & Linked' strategy

So much for Coca Cola 'liquid to linked' strategy. The brand intends to barrage Indian consumers with an advertising blitzkrieg. By blitzkrieg I mean, subject us consumers to a syrupy little song about how the world's a great place despite the odd outlying deviancy. Plus there are print ads Coke's putting up with a message of 'optimism, positivity, and happiness'. The latter is so we feel good about 2014, considering 2013 turned out be one soggy miserable year.

I wonder where the 'liquid and linked' is in all these syrupy communiques Coke's heaping on us? Also, I am surprised the brand hasn't still learnt a lesson in being genuine. Going genuine means caring for real, and not subjecting us consumers to Prasoons Joshi's lyric writing capabilities. Caring for real means taking on 'real issues' that resonate with people, and that which Coca Cola as brand can associate with. Take for example the current communication campaign by the Indian government on rain water harvesting aimed at arresting a depleting water table. This is apt for Coke to associate with. Also, the brand must also take to such an association for keeps. Meaning the money they are wasting on Deepika and Farhan can be better used to work on helping citizens sustain the water table; something communities across India (read, consumers) care about.

Its time Coca Cola realized they can't start any conversations with advertising. Even if they do, such chatter will stay around only a little while. Conversations are sustained when they are about people's lives. Water is about people's lives. Who better than Coca Cola to start a conversation on the same?

Its time Coca Cola did liquid and linked right. Its time Coca Cola wormed its way into our lives via genuine caring. The result won't be just chatter, but meaningful engagement that will translate into revenues, and a rock solid equity. 

One that will stand the test of time.


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