The Real and Fake in 2014, and as always!

Brooklyn's got two kinds of cries. One's real, out of genuine pain, the other's a put on, aimed at getting to a goal. If Brooklyn's hurt physically (if she's had a fall) or when we scold her, she lets out a tearful cry out of 'real' pain. Then there are times when she fakes it, like when she wants us to scold her brother, she'll pretend Jaden has hurt her and as proof belt out a cry that isn't tearful plus sounds suspect.

Over time its gotten easier for us to figure Brooklyn's cries, and so our response to her wails have gotten smarter. When its real, we comfort, when its a put on, we at times ignore, and other times call her bluff.

Brooklyn and her cries mirror the way all of us live our lives. Part of what we live is real, the rest is a big fat fake. The real happens when we can't help it, the fake gets through when there's a goal we want to get to. At home much of the stuff that get's played out is real. When we step out our fake social personas do their exhibition act. The reasons behind the latter are numerous, all aimed at varied goals.

Marketers with their products and services aid our real and fake acts. This new year despite our resolutions, nothing will really change. Most of us are set in our ways, meaning the quantum of real to fake will stay intact. For some the real may trump the fake, for others the fake will rule.

Either way, to the marketer it won't matter. Products and services will as always be consumed so we can keep at our ways. Amen to that, and happy 2014 folks!


Unknown said…
can't help it :)

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