Why my cognitive brain is no match to Brooklyn's firefly eyes

Its never been the same for me with Brooklyn as it was with Jaden. My son's always been the 'stay at a distance from me' kinda kid. Brooklyn's just the opposite. She's the 'I'll fling myself at you for a hug, Appa' kind, and to me that's been such an endearing experience. For me with Brooklyn its all feel, no think, which probably explains why she's missed like crazy!

Some people have the power to make us 'feel' a certain way. Others just get us to think sans any emotion. That's pretty much the way it is with brands too. Most make us thoughtful in a rational way. Meaning we are looking to get the best bargain when we engage with them for a probable purchase. Its a minuscule number of brands that get us to 'feel' a certain way. With these few ones we throw caution to wind, and connect at an emotional level. Which in turn is why we part with our wads of money gladly for them, and without much rational thought.

I am convinced the way to go for brands is to get to where they can make consumers 'feel' a certain way. The rational thought driven assessment that consumers make, must result in an automatic value assessment. Meaning brands must take care of functional value and deliver it as a default, but their focus must always be to engage with consumers at a 'feel' level. That is what will elicit premium and luxury spending, while sealing loyalty.

You see, it may be dead winter, and Brooklyn may be nursing a cold, yet all she has to do is roll her firefly-eyes and say 'please', and I'll bend over backwards to get her, her favorite choco-fudge ice-cream. I know stupid irresponsible me, but hey, I can't help it!



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