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Why the Lungi dance should be tolerated

When we heard Brooklyn was being moved from the 'dinosaur dance' to 'lungi dance' at her schools' annual stage-show, we weren't pleased. Our li'l darling doing a lungi-routine? Eventually we had to give in because her teacher told us she was doing lungi moves the best. Curious about the lungi dance, I checked YouTube and found it had notched more than a few million hits. I am not surprised. Nonsense is after all invaluable on the web. Plus it was no wonder the school wanted such asinine stuff as part of their stage routine.

Soon the day arrived and we had li'l Brookie on the stage doing her moves. Then the unthinkable happened. The 'lady of the ceremony' invited parents to join their kids on stage to do the dance with them. What followed was a frenzied mob of roly-poly aunties and pot-bellied uncles storming the stage to join in the frenzy of lungi-gyrations. Poor Brooklyn, pint sized she got dwarfed by the unruly aunties and uncles who seemed like they had found their life's real calling. We were now getting worried Brooklyn would be pushed off the stage by a thoughtless rotund aunty.

Fearing the worst I asked Jaden to go up the stage and stay with li'l Brooke. To her credit she seemed unflappable. She in fact pushed Jaden away signalling she wanted to be left alone. It was like she was telling us, 'I can take of myself, never mind the frenzied dolts!' For a moment I don't know if the dance, or the frenzied mob was the more offensive part of the routine. I decided it had to be the mob. Thoughtless idiots doing senseless acts that put little girls in danger is indeed offensive. 

The only consolation in such acts of zero-self awareness, and zero self-regulation is the golden opportunity it presents to marketers. Idiots driven by frenzied emotion are far better prospects for marketers than those that are cognitively inclined. The thinker is always the skeptic. The hordes that cling to their emotions are why nonsense sells. Its why Chennai Express powers to the 100 crore mark in a mere four days!

Way to go, SRK! Plus, thank you to the frenzied thoughtless masses, eh?


Anonymous said…
I couldn't agree more with you on this. Even the law of nature says that it will always be the survival of the fittest. Indeed consumers are becoming weaker by with little cognitive thinking and on the other marketers are coming up with newer and more innovative products that's making consumers to give in to markerters and fall into their prey more easily.Everything that doesnt make sense and is nothing but nonsense seems to be going well with conusmers as everything that is nonsense seems to be "cool". Hence this makes it easier for marketers to fool more and more consumers to sell their products and whats more crazy is nonsense is indeed selling like "hot-cakes".Sad but true!

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