Brandeis University & the Core Value of Hypocrisy

When Brandeis University says it dropped Ayaan Hirsi Ali because what she's said in the past doesn't correspond to Brandeis' core values, I wonder what values are they talking about?


If there's a core value that's become evident from Brandeis' Ayaan-dropping act, its plain old hypocrisy! Why? Brandeis has had controversial speakers on campus before. They've even been honored. Plus Brandeis' statement, based on Ayaan's response, is a plain lie! Ayaan says they never consulted her! Note Ayaan's statement, 'I was completely shocked when President Frederick Lawrence called me—just a few hours before issuing a public statement—to say that such a decision had been made.'

Note, every institution has the right to decide who comes on board and who doesn't, but the Brandeis- Ayaan story isn't about a denial, its about an institution that's gone back on an honorable invite for reasons that only suggest spineless character! In the process I bet brand Brandeis has surely taken a hit. As to whether this 'hit' will in any way affect the brand's equity with its core audience remains to be seen.

Brand Integrity flows from an ability to stay consistent with the desired image the brand's formed in the minds of its target consumers. Ensuring consistency requires the brand to stay true to what its perceived as. A brand keeping its integrity puts consumers in a comfort zone so they can make purchase decisions based on trust.

Brandeis University with its hypocritical act is facing an erosion of trust. Its 'core values' may no longer sound as meaningful to its target audience. That possibly may in turn translate into a loss of equity.

What a pity. 


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