Parenting, Maturing, & Consumption Decision Making

When Margaret Sanger, founder of baby-killing 'Planned Parenthood' calls (she did it a while ago) for a complete ban on child bearing for a decade, she also plays her part in stunting the process of adult maturation (read, growing up).

You see in my book, parenting is about maturing. Parenting is growing up. Sure, there are the odd monster-parents who lurk around every corner, but for the vast parenting population in the middle, the act of having and raising children is a blessed move in maturing.

Parenting grows you up far better than any other responsibility you take on, including getting married. Though married, couples still harbor their 'personal selves'. Meaning they abandon far more rarely their personal whims and urges while married than when they take on a parenting role. When people turn parents, their ability to sacrifice and let go takes wings. Note, maturing is in effect a heightening of sensitization in human beings. Mature people are those who are sensitive, to themselves and to others. Parenting sensitizes in a way nothing else can. Anyone who's a parent knows what its like to have and raise a baby. The act drains you physically and emotionally, yet it frees you off your greatest obstacle to maturation, your own self. You finally can be rid of yourself (of course not completely), because you now consider another 'greater' to you! The others (read, your children) who you hold valuable than yourself present to you opportunities in caring and compassion. Its now wonder Ayushman Khurana, the latest Bollywood dad to a baby girl said' I will become compassionate because of my daughter'.

Parenting also has a huge impact on consumption, and consumption decision making. Until you become a parent most purchase decisions revolve around your own desire for gratification. Turing a parent is what pushes such decision making in favor of people other than you. Suddenly consumption matters more in terms of its outcome on people who you care for deeply! I call it the 'sobering up' phase in consumption decision making.

I should know. I am a parent, and though exhausted every minute of the day from parenting, am loving it like crazy! :)


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