The pencil story & what's scary about Indian Elections 2014

After more than 60 years of government inspired socialist and crony-capitalist hell, its scary to think people still hope government will lift us out of our current sorry state. People speak of the elections as if they'll change all our lives.

They won't!

Its only WE who can save US! For that to happen what we need isn't a 'decisive leader' led government, but limited government. One that steps out of our way. Read that as one that doesn't deprive us (read, taxes) of our hard earned wealth for hare-brained socialist schemes that do nothing other than foster dependency, and dis-incentivize wealth creation. A government that steps out of our way also means one that allows for free market capitalism to decide what and which businesses come into being and thrive, and what and which of them fall by the wayside. And pray who in such markets decide who are the moolah-earners? Consumers, not the government!

I know despite my persistent clarion calls for free market capitalism, it'll be a while before we realize the redeeming power of liberty, and limited government that fosters freedom. You see, the problem's social and cultural. Post colonialism, we've never had a chance to know what its like to be 'really' free. Governments in India since independence have told us they'll take care of us, and that sounds way better than if government told us we have to take care of ourselves. Also, hierarchical cultures will always swing to the 'few wise' at the top who'll do the 'deciding' for all others at the bottom. You see, liberty is a hard sell in collectivist cultures because it requires that we be responsible for ourselves, and not the government. To be fair to us, it isn't just us that thinks government is God. Even the United States of America, the birthplace and cradle of liberty that it was, is being dismantled. Libertarian America is taking the road to socialist hell aided glibly by community organizer Barack.

I fervently hope the sun will rise on free markets, limited government, and liberty in India. I hope that happens via the power of the ballot. So if you plan to vote this time around, vote hoping not for a decisive leader, vote so you can get a government that keeps itself limited, and gives us what our founding fathers fought and gave their lives for.



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