The Piddling Indian Male & his many Avatars

The sight of a piddling (against a wall, tree, squatting ...) male in public is common sight in India. Which is why this morning the lot of us waiting to come to work were presented with such a sight. Thankfully the deviant in question had his back to us.

The piddling Indian male represents insensitivity in full bloom. The Indian male who piddles in public does so motivated by two key considerations, both unconscious. First, the piddling Indian male cares for none but himself. When he's got to go, he's got go! Second, the piddling Indian male is bereft of social intelligence. His consideration of social norms is non-existent, save when it is about him. Meaning, social norms matter only when it suits him. The embarrassment he causes others when he piddles in public is a non-consideration because his id-driven urges are far weightier than the social norms that require him to 'hold back and keep it in'!

The piddling Indian male morphs into many forms. He is same male who thinks nothing about standing in queues, instead opting to push and shove; about parking his vehicle with care, instead plonking it wherever he wants on the road, about treating women with dignity, instead relegating them to second-class status; and so on.

The piddling Indian male is a deviant driven totally by his desire for instant gratification. He is a delight to marketers for he can easily be tempted to buy, but he sure is a sickening opportunity!



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