Why the Bangalorean did not vote!

With the numbers out until now, 1 out of 2 Bangaloreans did not vote and its not surprising at all. At least to me. Talking heads on TV seem to be outraged and that surprises me. They expected the Bangalorean to vote because there was greater awareness this time around? What a joke!

The Bangalore voter facing the outrage has no reason to vote, and all reasons not to. You see, the average Bangalorean is middle class. This middle class Bangalorean works hard for a living, earns, and pays taxes. His taxes are what fund the socialist hand outs promised by politicians. Its his hard work that powers the creation of products and services that make the crony capitalist business owner dirty rich! 

Truth is, the middle class voter in Bangalore has ZERO stake in any party's political fortunes. It can be party A, B, or C at the center, at the state, it won't matter a whit to his life! He knows they sit in their seats as masters who lord over, not as public servants who serve! Political masters matter none to the middles class Bangalorean, but they matter big to the crony capitalist business owner, and the poor masses. The crony capitalist business owner needs his man in the political seat to ensure regulations stay (read, zero competition), and his business fortunes boom till the cows come home. The poor masses need their socialist handouts, which again explains why they come out in the hordes to vote. 

The middle class Bangalorean has nothing that can come his way via his vote! So he does, and did what's expected! He did not vote!

The truth is, this nonsense of votes changing our lives is pure bunkum! History has proved, and will prove that its not politics that uplifts lives, its value creation by private citizens through products and services they make and sell. Such value creation happens only if we have LIMITED GOVERNMENT! More government in India only means MORE CRONY CAPITALISM and MORE SOCIALISM!

The only voting that can change people's lives is one that paves way for freer markets, sans a regulating tax-mooching government. I strongly believe Bangalore's lukewarm response to voting is not apathy, but practical realism. Such realism again I believe only means the future will belong to less politics, and more libertarian movements.

Hail Liberty! Hail the People!


Unknown said…
how you have suddenly start accepting that corny capitalism is bad for us?
here you mean favours to adani and ambani

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