Why I mow my hair down, and you don't!

At the barber shop, I am a favorite. That's 'cos I probably am on the only guy with no desire to preen. That means the barber can do the chop-chop thing with my hair. As long as its short and gone, works for me. That again means the barber has to do nothing but run the mowing machine all over my head. His work's done in a matter of minutes. I am off the chair in no time, and with no desire to peer into the mirror a second and a third time.

I am not the preening type. At least that's what I thought. Then it hit me. Me doing the publicity thing with my non-preening haircut is in fact, preening of a unique type. Its just that on the surface it may not seem so. Even to me. I am in fact making a statement (with my haircut) by not making a statement!

The truth is, to rid you of yourself you must be 'born again'.Now that's an experience which will go past most of us. Which is why we will always be susceptible to marketers. Remember, marketing is about what consumers want. And what do consumers want? Easy. Consumers want everything possible so they can plonk down and cement their place in the sun! Haircuts, nail paints, sunblocks, face masks, eyeliners, you get the drift, don't you?

I want a haircut that says I don't preen. You want one, so you can. You and I are one as consumers. Which is why you and I are fodder for marketers!



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