What Dadima can't do for Fortune edible oil

I must agree Adani Wilmar's Fortune edible oil TV commercial does hit home with dollops of emotion. But that's where the problem too begins. Its quite possible the emotion the content generates drowns out the brand. Even if it doesn't, the question still remains if Dadima (grandma) cooking with Fortune Oil makes sense. Isn't Dadima supposed to be using some 'shuddh' (pure) stuff to prepare 'ghar ka khana (home food)'?

The one thing the ad. does for Fortune is ensure the brand's recalled when there is a purchase consideration. But there again crops a problem. If the consumer's not brand loyal, the shopping list will say 'cooking oil'. That means the consumer will make a choice at the store shelf. What will do the trick for the brand that gets bought is merchandising and sale promos, along with the recall the brand engineers via commercials like this one.

I hope for Fortune's sake the product is merchandised well and has promos to back it up. Else, Dadima and her drama will go out of the window and the consumer will settle for an edible oil brand that drives value at the store shelf.


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