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Why Bangalore Schools shirk responsibility, deflect accountability

Agreed Sandeep, the blind caning the blind ain't the story. Its corporal punishment that needs condemnation. On the issue of accountability of educational institutions (for crimes committed on their premises) that you raised, note there's more than what meets the eye. Know what the real problem is?

Human behavior & liberal attitudes!

Behaviour first. As homo sapiens we are either designed (as believed by takers of 'monkey-to-man' story) a certain way, or have 'fallen' (as believed by takers of 'god created us' story, yours truly included), and so are quick to deflect fault. Meaning, we skip blame, palm it off to others, and focus of self-preservation. Institutions too do the same as they are in the end an aggregation of people, and people in groups look to self preservation. So don't expect people or institutions (educational and others included), now or any time in the future to take the blame, accept their faults, and turn over into new leaves.

Then there's a problem of liberal attitudes. Liberals don't believe anyone ever is at fault. Liberals love to play the victim card. So for example if you are fat, McDonald's is to blame.Or as Sarah Palin reminded us, 'the fork makes liberals fat'. If you have a lousy liver, its Jack Daniels that did it to you. If you brutalized someone, it must be the abuse you were subject to as a child. You see, there's never any taking of accountability. Its always something or someone else why you turned out the way you did.

Put the two together, that is human nature and liberal attitudes and you have a dangerous cocktail that ensures there's never any accountability.

Scary, right?!

So can things change? You bet they can. How? One, get government to be in the business of ensuring liberty, and that means laws must be framed and applied to protect every citizen including our most vulnerable, our children. When you apply such laws, convicted pedophiles must go to the gallows. Two, liberals attitudes must be weaned away through a teaching and practice of what's conservative and what promotes liberty. Conservative means you believe life is god-given (to be taken away only via a due process of law). Liberty means you design government only for one sake and one alone, preservation of god given liberty.

That's the way to go. Period.


V V G said…
The real challange in India relates to the making of laws. Laws are to be framed and passed by the members of parliment. And a largenumber of these members are themselves goons of the first order. So how can we expect them to pass laws to punish themselves and their ilk?
Therein lies the problem!!!

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