De-colonize Indian Education? I say, De-culturalize & Marketize!

In the context of Dinanath Batraji's attempts at 'Indiansing' school curriculum, I've been listening to shows on the idiot box where experts like Pavan Varma (former diplomat turned writer) have called for 'decolonizing' Indian education.

I am curious. What exactly is decolonizing about? Doing away with modern flush toilets and getting squat-style back in vogue? Oh, I get it. In the context of school curriculum I guess that includes traipsing in Yoga and Sanskrit as courses of study. And suppose I want MY kids in school to study tap dancing and Aramaic instead? What are you going to do? Call me a culture-deserter and take away my right to decide what my children learn? Plus shove down what you think is de-colonized culturally-right curriculum down my kid's throats, though I think its absolutely irrelevant learning such stuff in a globalized world?

Hey, wait a minute. Isn't that what colonizing is about? Taking away my rights and replacing it with your might to shove down my throat whatever you think right? Isn't colonizing about YOU deciding for MY kids?

Frankly, the call to decolonize Indian school curriculum  is as colonizing as colonization was! What you've done through such an unbelievable asinine call is to give the place of the British (and Mughals before them) to a few culture-czars and bureaucrats who grandly decide what kids in India will learn!

What a pity!

Now to the real question. Who then should decide what our kids learn? Read my answer in a blog post I wrote earlier.

I hope you get it. 


Shyam sunder said…
I respect your views. But don't you think your KIDS should decide on what they want to learn instead of you choosing for them? Because all your doing is just replacing Govt in this case but ultimately just narrowing down their option.
Ray Titus said…
You are right, Shyam. There's always the danger of me 'replacing' government in my children's lives. For now I can tell you, in my world, the decisions I make on behalf of my kids is called 'parenting'. But don't you worry, I'll be 'western' enough and back off and let them decide for themselves, sooner than later. Also, I promise I will not do the emotional blackmail thing that's all too common in eastern cultures, so I can tie them to my coattails.

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