Man's inclination to evil

When I was a progressive who supported big government programs and a dovish foreign policy it was because I naively assumed that most human beings wanted the same things, were decent people at heart, and could be trusted not to deceive others. Multiculturalism taught that all cultures were equal and all religions expressed the same basic, universal moral values. Anytime someone did something wrong it was because they were ignorant or mentally unbalanced in a way that was distorting their perception of consensus reality. Sure, occasionally nature would make a mistake and burp out serial killers, child molesters, or Hitlers but in general such people were aberrations. Thus it was possible — and necessary — and moral to move forward with trying to reason our way to a perfect, peaceful world by convincing everyone else what was best for them to do.

But I don’t believe that at all anymore. Now I believe the exact opposite. The state of nature from which humanity escaped is chaos, cruelty, hatred and selfishness. More people in the world are evil than good, more of the cultures in the world will die through suicide rather survive. It’s more normal for humans to worship death than for them to pursue eternal life. And the pimp-prostitute, promiscuous, polygamous sexual culture is more natural and universal than monogamous marriage. The absolute nuclear family that powers American prosperity is an aberration that we take for granted — see James C. Bennett and Michael Lotus’s amazing America 3.0 for more on this. And in failing to understand and defend this culture today it’s slipping away...

The belief that life is meaningless, that “nothing matters,” has a name. The worship of nothingness is called nihilism. Allen concludes by naming its twin sister. The worship of pleasure — to try and fill the painful void — is called hedonism.

The antics of the anonymous spreadsheet man-boy smack of both. He has nothing better to do than feel sorry forhimself and his under-supply of sex.

And this is the way the way humans are naturally inclined to go... seem to suggest that love should be the basis of a marriage, that merely loving one another should suffice as a reason to get married and should be able to maintain the union for a lifetime. I once would have agreed with you on this, as an abstract, Beatles-era John Lennon-style idea of universal love and peaceful brotherhood lies at the heart of the therapeutic view’s delusional understanding of human nature. But now I’d go a step further: marriage must not only be based in love for one another but in both husband and wife embracing the same moral values. Both spouses must have the adequate moral understanding to be cognizant of the idols threatening to swallow up their marriage and then the resolve to set about fighting them together...

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