Why Elisa Doucette's rewording of Elizabeth Lauten's apology fails

The problem with Elisa Doucette's 'rewording' of Elizabeth Lauten's apology is that its framed sans a consideration of how perceptions are formed when sensory organs encounter stimuli. Note, everything our senses take in (select, organize, and interpret) is game for perception formation. So for example, the stuff we see, hear, or read can prompt us to form perceptions. Like the way it happened with Elizabeth Lauten's FB post. What's important to note is, the same stimuli can have people forming different perceptions. Blame that on individual differences.

So when I read the Elizabeth's FB post, I wonder what the outrage is about? That's cyber-bullying? I squint hard and read again. Where's the bullying, I wonder? Not so to the hordes of Barack worshipers. They are outraged! Rightfully so. After all, its them forming perceptions, not me!

Okay, so what's this got to do with Elisa's rewording?

Simple. The words you speak don't really matter when you stray into the wrong target audience's consideration. Meaning if you are lecturing Barack's kids, and that's being read by the Barack cabal, your goose is cooked. You can then reword your apology all you want, and even with the help of a literature Nobel Prize winner; it won't matter to the faithful. They will have none of it. They will keep coming after you.

So what should Elizabeth Lauten have done in the wake of such spiteful backlash? In my view, she should stop talking about prayer and all that sort of stuff and stick to her calling out 'classless behavior'. She will of course find no friends among the Barack mob, but she would at least have the support of those who believe civil behavior in public places is a non-negotiable.

For the President's daughters, and for all of us!


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