Is the Tata Nano GenX a winner?

Do I like the new Tata Nano GenX? Yep, I do. I've written before about how the Nano did a poor design and image job, and why marketers need to sell the Nano and not engineers. Much of my griping seems to have been taken care of by the new Nano GenX. So could it be a winner? Some think so, but I'm still cautious.


'Cos there is an absolute and a relative perspective to evaluating consumer solutions. The absolute part kicks in when consumers judge a brand for what's its giving them. So for the Nano GenX, consumers first ask questions like, does it look cool, is it spacious, how much does it cost, is it safe, and so on. Then the 'relative' perspective kicks in. So consumers say, now that the Nano GenX works for me, does it match up to other brands that could also work for me?

Here's where I worry.

At the current price point, consumers will consider other brands at slightly higher price-points. They will judge the price-versus-value delivery on competing brands and then make a call on who's delivering the 'best' of value. The question still remains, is the Nano GenX the best provider of functional and psychological value in a consideration set that may include brands from the Suzuki, and Hyundai stable?

I for one don't know, which is why I am keeping a close watch. You should too. 


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