Do TataCliq & ABOF stand a chance? Read this to know.

My guess is the guys at TataCliq and abof don't get it. Its simple why. 'Cos they don't know. That in the digital world, brands don't matter as much. Why? 'Cos buyers are turning rational in their decision making and responding less to 'emotional value' that flows from branding.


You bet! On a digital commerce platform, consumers have the luxury of arriving at what is called 'absolute value' The era of 'relative value' via limited access to information is dead thanks to the mountain of 'consumer driven' data available to buying decision-makers at their fingertips. The guys and TataCliq and abof are betting big on brands. Sorry guys, that era is over. Not that brands won't matter anymore, but that consumers are getting smarter thanks to 'near perfect' information they have access to. Any e-retailer building a business model around brands and parading the portfolio to attract consumers online will fold up if he/she doesn't wise-up and respond to the arrival of 'absolute value'.

The other day I got Brooklyn a Crocs sandal at a whopping '60 percent off' at Jabong. Sure, it was the last piece but guess what, I and millions like me can get to that last piece of a product 'rated high' by our other fellow consumers. Yep, at the best price possible. If TataCliq and abof aren't that e-store where the last 'best' piece is, I can bet they don't have a future. On my part, I hope it ain't adios TataCliq & abof soon. As a rational consumer I want them around so I can get the best value possible as a consumer scouting online stores. So here's hoping and toasting to their longevity in the digital marketplace.



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