For Yours truly, the Kirana is dead. Long live the Kirana. Hail Amazon Now

My local kirana guy just lost me as a customer. The other day when I asked him how he managed to charge me more than the MRP on the items I bought, instead of apologizing, he started bickering. When the guy let his ego get the better of him, he piddled away the only differential advantage he had. That of a personal touch.

So what did I do the next time I wanted to pick a few 'emergency' household stuff? I went to my favorite 'Amazon Now' App on my phone. On the App, I could pick stuff I needed from four choices of stores around, namely, Hypercity, MK Ahmed, Big Bazaar, and Food World. I took my pick, and got the delivery in 2 hours. What about my neighbor kirana? Here's my prediction. With his attitude, there's a chance my neighborhood kirana guy will piddle away his store! So will every other business that blows away its differential advantage.

I for one, won't shed any tears. There's even a chance, I'll say, 'good riddance......'.


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