JustDial & the Problem of Plenty

Don't get me wrong. I am thankful the nice lady at JustDial  helped  me with the numbers. The problem started after she asked me if I wanted more contact numbers of 'local service centers'. She was giving me the chance to have these numbers in addition to the one I had asked for.

I said yes, and that's when the problem started.

Within a few minutes I was bombarded with calls from local service centers asking if I needed help with my Lenovo Ideapad. It wasn't just the calls that were bothersome. The fact that my mobile number was floating out there was not at all a comforting thought. Thankfully within a few hours the calls dried up. Aggregators who connect users/consumers to providers are doing a great job. Yet there still remains a problem. One that is an opportunity for businesses to solve. Most aggregators focus on the quantum of matches. To users, its quality that matters more. Engineer the few right matches and even if the numbers aren't many, consumers will stay with you.

As for my Ideapad, the Lenovo authorized service center guys were close to useless. They couldn't fix what the local guy could.

So much for 'authorized'!


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