Kabali-Rajini Frenzy, Escapism, and its consequences

Escapist tendencies are how you explain the Kabali-Rajini mania. 'Collective escapism' is how I term the phenomenon when the hordes join in. Escapist indulgences help us ward off cognitive exertions that are taxing on our minds. A simple illustration of how we accomplish this is via the time we spend watching TV. The idiot box indulgence enables us to bypass cognitive thought that may prove burdensome. After all, when and to whom do the rigors of reality appeal?

Not many.

The Rajini-Kabali-escapist act doesn't hurt until it seeps into other arenas. When it does, our fantasy objects end up stepping into law-making roles, courtesy our idiocy at the ballot boxes. Think about it. That's the worst it can get for any society! In the business of lifestyle brands, patronage most times is fueled by borderline escapist tendencies. So for example, when we push the pedal on that coveted SUV, we speed into fantasy territory. Again, that's alright till you lose all sense of reality. Then the unthinkable happens. Lives may even be lost.

Here's hoping we consume with a grip on reality. Equally important, here's hoping we operate as thoughtful citizens untouched by silver screen fantasies. Note, our collective future depends on it! 


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