My Discovery, the Truth, and why Marketing is forever!

Our faithful CRT Philips TV finally gives out. Though our idiot box content consumption is low, its still a change from the noisy past we've had at home, courtesy our TV. Now there's less din at home, and the patches of stillness have widened. Amidst the silence, I've made a discovery.

That, not having something (other than that which sustains life) is actually having something else. Always, and without exception!

Of course it may not seem so most times, but that's a problem of our lack of sight and not our deprivation. We see what we lose or don't have, and we don't, that which we gain, or possess. In its completeness no TV is not a loss, or a lack. Its actually the gain of silent spaces. Which in turn can be used in varied ways. To ponder, to see, to hear, to tap into the senses with greater clarity. As humans we are used to seeing ourselves as 'have-nots'. Almost never as 'haves'. The eternal truth is, a lack is in completeness an ownership of something else. Our 'loss' will always have as an outcome, a consequent 'gain'. 

Marketing on its part is built on a platform of highlighting 'lacks' and 'losses'. Marketing at its core is about responding to needs and wants. I am betting on Marketing forever. Why? 'Cos I am betting on human nature to be eternal. I am betting on humans never getting over their needs and wants.

Funny as a marketer I have to say Amen to that! 


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