Why Consumerism is way better than Spirituality

When you pander to 'spiritual pursuits', I guess you do yourself a world of good. When you indulge as a consumer, you go one up on spirituality. You satiate your needs and wants, plus you sustain the lives of those whose products and services you buy!


Admit it, consumerism benefits you and others, whereas payoffs from spirituality are selfishly limited only to you. Many a times we are made to feel guilty about our consumerist ways. Take my advice; don't pay heed to such naivete. Every time you buy, you do others a world of good. In fact your patronage as a consumer is your respectful consideration of the value created by another for you. When you part with your hard-earned money to buy, you revere the work of your other fellow beings. You give them an income that sustains their lives, when you part with yours! Could there be any greater service than that?!

Take my advice. Dump the body circus and shake yourself off the cross-legged trance. Go buy!


Unknown said…
Great learning... N a very different perspective towards consumerism...Loved the Thought :)

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