What the film 'Raw' can teach experiential brands

Take a bow, Julia Ducournau. With 'Raw' you've done what most 'experiential brands' dream of pulling off. You've provided compelling evidence via your first set of consumers/viewers how shockingly scary your movie can be. The poor sods who fainted during your movie's midnight screening have done you the biggest favor ever. They've told us, the rest, volumes about your film without uttering a word!

Way to go, Julia!

So here's the 'raw' lesson. For experiential brands to work (or for that matter other brands too), the first set of consumers must go gaga (or 'pass out') and do the 'talking'. They must 'tell' of their experiences so the 'masses' are convinced about the promise made by the brand. Julia and her marketing team didn't tell me a word about 'Raw'. The Toronto film goers did, via the media. Now I am thinking of going when the movie hits Bangalore.

I'm just hoping I don't go the Toronto way. ;) 


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