OYO & the persisting 'unpredictability problem'.

So OYO promises to solve the unpredictability problem that's common to booking hotel rooms, and that I believe is a super solution to any potential traveler, including yours truly. Last week I got my first taste of the OYO promise at an 'OYO-Premium hotel' at Pune and guess what, the brand didn't do good on its promise.

In fact it was broken big time! Both with the Accommodation, and Food & Beverage. I'll spare you the details, but just so you know, I can read the business of Accommodation and F&B like an alphabet book, and based on my expert judgement, OYO's got a long way to go. That mean's booking hotel rooms and getting a great one to stay at and eat at remains as unpredictable as ever.

Any promise by a brand has to be kept. Period. Break it, and you lose the consumer's confidence. For now, I don't trust OYO's promise of predictability. Getting me back at an OYO hotel will require the brand to entice me with an irresistible offer, and then back it up with super fulfillment.

You game, OYO?


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