4 reasons why 'fairness creams are racist' is DAFT & DANGEROUS!

I wonder what must be behind NDTV's war on fairness creams? Whatever the reasons, this blatant anti-product campaign smacks squarely of rank stupidity, and is dangerously anti-liberty.

Here are four reasons why.

1. Its the 'People', stupid! - Get this loud and clear. Products are NOT why people behave badly and so products shouldn't be where blame is appropriated. It should instead land squarely at the doors of 'people'. Its people who double up as racists. The NDTV argument toes the liberal 'fork made me fat' line faithfully. That is to never hold people responsible, instead to ascribe actions and behavior to things and circumstances. Never people. What a pity.

2. Liberty is tolerating the 'Unpalatable' - When you go after anything that's legally legitimate, you step into a liberty-denying space. Now that is truly dangerous territory. Libertarian societies are those that let the 'palatable' exist with the 'unpalatable'. Why? 'Cos your favorite indulgence could be my source of distaste, and vice-versa, Now that's no reason why either your or my 'distasteful' sensibilities takes precedence over the other. Of course, the legitimate question is where do we draw the line? The answer is simple. We draw the line where one person's indulgence curtails or infringes on another's liberty-ordained pursuits. Unless such proof is available, no law must take away my right of indulgence however distasteful (to others) it may be,

3. 'Products' are 'People' - NDTV's song and dance about eradicating a 'vice' (read, preference for fair skin) will do nothing to that effect. Truth is, vices have been around since the Adamic times and will stay forever. What NDTV's foolhardy pursuit instead may do is wreck havoc on people's legitimate livelihoods. You see, products are ultimately about people. Its people whose toils result in products. Kill a product because you don't like it via media platforms, and you disrespect and destroy legitimate human toil for a livelihood. How disgusting is that!

 4. Discrimination is a 'Private Right' - When it comes to private property and resources, discrimination is a right! Yeah, you heard it right. Again, this may seem distasteful and maybe it truly is, however since its private resources and property in question, it stays as a right. So for example, if an airline company decides that fair people are who they want as service personnel on their flights, however terrible and unjust that 'decision' may sound, they have a right to such a policy. Of course, you too have a right to not fly the airline as its policies aren't in line with your value system. In fact if many of you do that, the airline for sure will bend and change its 'discriminatory policy'. Now either is an exercise of a private right. The airline's right to recruit who they want and your right not to fly with them. You see, that is how civilized libertarian societies function.

It would do well for NDTV to understand this and do the 'smart thing', rather than bark up the fairness cream tree. What is the smart thing? Go campaign against human behavior. Go bark up the people-prejudices tree.

Leave fairness creams alone!


Unknown said…
but this will get more eye balls. Feminism, anti product campaigns are an effective marketing tool.
Ray Titus said…
Eyeballs for NDTV as a news channel? I doubt it.
Unknown said…
No, we are not stupid.
1. Any campaign needs a handle. This is convenient. & certainly more sensible than "people who demand fair-skinned daughters-in-law are unfair in their behavior". THAT would have been dumb. A slogan has to deliver a punch, a catchphrase has to be catchy. It is the thought that matters, & the thought is very much in its right place & very much visible through the campaign handle.
2. NDTV has taken a stance. Where does the point of delegalising the product even arise at this point?
3.amazingly defeatist of you. If someone believes in trying...
4. Very true. How come same right of discrimination is not applying to NDTV? how became NDTV " stupid"? Oh RIGHT! YOU enforced your right I discrimination. See? I told you, we are not stupid!
Unknown said…
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Ray Titus said…
Appreciate your comments. May I request a second reading of my post? Of course, people are the problem. On that I agree. Note, products aren't the problem! Again, NDTV can go ahead and take all the stances it wants. I just hope they direct it at people's behaviour, and not products. I am hoping you too will agree that forks don't make people fat, that their gluttonous ways do! Me, defeatist? When I stand up for the right of a legal product to be legitimately sold in the marketplace? Really? As for NDTV, of course they have their right to their hypocritical nonsense! Only that it's such a pity! About private discriminatory practices, ever heard of the exercise of liberty? Here's my testimony to such a practice. NDTV has an absolute right to its liberal pursuits, however daft they are. There!
Sundeep Gawande said…
A pathetically lame support offered here to biggest fraud industry i.e. fairness and cosmetics. But yes I will also blame it on brainless people using the product rather than blaming it on producers. Companies are here to make money, and they will do that even at the cost of people's lives. The people had to choose what they want.
Ray Titus said…
Lame support to a fraud industry? So what is 'strong' support to a 'genuine' industry? You rooting for 'spirituality' and the industry that revolves around it?

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