The brand that got ‘slice of life’ right.

In recent times, if there’s a brand that’s got it right with its ‘slice of life’ messaging and call to action, it’s ‘God’s Own Country’, Kerala.

To get a ‘slice of life’ portrayal right with a target set of customers, a brand has get the four components that make up the format, namely, ‘encounter’, ‘problem’, ‘interaction’ and ‘solution’ in perfect sequence and as part of a storyline that hits home. Brand Kerala has pulled off to near perfection, all of that with its ‘take a break’ slice-of-life commercial.
The hassled mom with her bustling repetitive time-pressed daily routine comes face to face with her daughter after absent-mindedly trying to put the clothes in the refrigerator. The eye-to-eye moment with her daughter gets her to realise and admit she’s totally stressed and probably at the verge of a breakdown.

What is her only solution?

She’s got to take a ‘real’ break. What and where? Of course, God’s own country!

Brilliant, I say!


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