My kids & the Power of Authentic Marketing

I have been seeing a delightful pattern with my kids for a while now. Every time we are out and the kids get served for example at eating joints, ‘thank yous’ from them follow without any prodding. What's more, they seem to express their gratitude with a genuinely warm smile. Alphy and I couldn't be more happier. We seemed to have got it right on both counts. One, the polite behavior, and two the genuine sentiment behind it.

When was the last time a service brand you patronized did that to you? That is, express thankfulness at your patronage, and do it genuinely. My bet is you probably would have got the thank you, but the sentiment may have been suspect. Its like when you step aboard a flight. They greet you, but you know they don't really mean the welcome. Its a mechanical act they go through, one that's part of their job description. If you ask us how we got our kids to get to where they are now with their genuine thankfulness, I would say we conditioned them right. The repetitive prodding over time habituated them to a conditioned response. Plus we raised them within a culture of gratitude. I am hoping they must have soaked that in from parental behavior (at least that's what I would like to believe).

The future of marketing in an era of digitization and artificial intelligence lies squarely in the territory of 'authenticity'. I guess that's why 'Authentic Marketing' seems to be all vogue for now. Call it what you want, genuine gratefulness and its expressions through authentic behavior is turning out to be true differentiators. If you ask me what's the difference between flying Indigo and SpiceJet, I can't for the life of me figure. Both fly you in the most blandest of manners possible. How I wish I encountered gratitude while flying. That would have sealed the deal in favor of an airline brand that expressed it!

Here's what I am hoping, that Jaden and Brooklyn grow up to a heart of genuine thankfulness and gratitude for everything they have and are given. Plus even if they don't have much, just life is worth being thankful about!

Fingers crossed, folks. 


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