Why Star Bazaar's lost my patronage

The last time I went to Star Bazaar, they charged me a parking fee. And so I said, I wouldn't go back. Its more than a year now. I went back yesterday. I was still charged a parking fee, but that was then refunded at the payment counter.

But it wasn't all hunky dory. The place was packed to the hilt. I couldn't find an empty trolley amidst all the din. When I did find one, it was being pushed across the store floor by an employee. With Jaden at my shoulder, I asked the shop floor guy if I could take it from him. He refused. He said he needed it for some work. I was polite and so walked away to find another. I did, outside the store. I had to wait for shoppers to empty theirs after their purchases.

Star Bazaar seems to be doing well. I know it was a Sunday evening, so the crowd was expected. I spent almost close to half an hour at the check out counter. That was pretty hassling. Add to that, my not being given a trolley by an employee who should have been more concerned about me than whatever it is he needed the trolley for, plus no apology for not parting with the trolley, you think I am going back?

Fat chance.


Unknown said…
just a bad service experience... maybe better store managers would help or some kind of a stratgey to take care of crowds during weekends. Who is Jaden?
Unknown said…
I had to wait for 20 just to get two deodorants billed. Sunday is perhaps not the right day for grocery and misc shopping. The clutter is unbelievable. To add to the woes, the store is so full of everything that it is intimidating on an empty stomach (worse comes worse). How are things with you?
Ray Titus said…
That's him here,


Hey J,

2 Deos and 20 mins? Forsake 'em! Yeah, worse comes worse...
Things could be better...could they?
You tell me...Wassup with u? In Blore? The Deo story tells me you are...

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