Mumbaikars passed on being voters for being consumers

So Mumbai has followed in the footsteps of Bangalore. Why am I not surprised? Of course as usual dimwitted TV anchors cried hoarse at the apathy of Mumbaikars. They also went after Bollywoodwallahs who had flown out to Tampa for the IIFA meet. Now I am not going to repeat what I have earlier said about why the Bangalorean did not vote. This time I will focus on why the 'grief' of TV anchors and talking heads on TV is misplaced.

Calling the non-voting Mumbaikar apathetic is as close to imbecilic as possible! How dare the idiots on TV brand non-voters lazy!? What do they think Mumbaikars were doing all year round? Sitting on their behinds watching TV? The average Mumbaikar on an average day (year round) is working his butt off to earn a living so there's food on the table for the family. The average Mumbaikar on an average day travels godforsaken distances to get to work and put in a day's worth, so there's the means to keep the family going.

How dare the dimwits on TV call Mumbaikars who work year round with zero job and social security irresponsible because they didn't turn out to vote?! If the Mumbaikar did not turn out to vote, I'll tell you what he must have been doing. He must have gone to mall with the family, or to the movies, or to a store so he can buy stuff for the kids, and so on. Maybe he was watching a movie on the idiot box. That means he turned a consumer, passing up on being a voter. Thank God for that, you nitwits! His consumption with his hard earned money is a blessing to others, as that is what turns into earning for those that provide him with products and services. Its the Mumbaikars' earning and spending the government feeds off via taxes so they can run their dependency driving socialist schemes and get votes in return! Truth is, the Mumbaikar's spending on voting day is as blessed as his waiting in a line to cast the ballot!

Consider this. The people who turned out to vote did so because they thought their votes can change their lives. Those who didn't thought it wouldn't make a difference. Meaning, the voting and the non-voting act pretty much spring out of the same consideration. Consideration for your own self!

Its time we stopped eulogizing the ones who voted, and berating the ones who didn't! If  Mumbaikars voted, so be it. If they didn't, its not the end of the world.

Not yet. 


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