Licious vs. Chef & Butcher vs. The Meat Guy vs. Roblox

Here's an anecdote that's telling of how buying plays out in an era of digitization. Last week I wake up to the TOI carrying a full front page advertisement on the Licious App. The App download promises me a 20 percent discount on my first buy of meat. Alphy is thinking Lamb Biryani for the day and so I think why not Licious for the lamb. I download the App and check prices. It seems on the higher side even with a 20 percent off.

I hold the buying on Licious to take a trip to the local meat guy. I find he's short on lamb meat and so I go back home. I then call up Chef & Butcher. They don't have an App but they deliver and their prices are lower than Licious with a 20 percent off. I order a kilo from C&B which comes home after a while at a price that includes the depressing cloth bag in which it is brought. I pay and decide the next time around I am going to walk up to Chef & Butcher to buy. The walk will do me good, and I don't have to pay for a depressing bag because I'll carry a sprightly looking one with me.

The Biryani turns out good, but not great. Its lamb that disappoints. I am reminded of the earlier time we did a Lamb Biryani with the local guy's meat and how it turned out great! So now I decide I am going back to C&B only if the local guy is out of lamb meat. Plus I'll check the meat at C&B before I buy. What about Licious? Brooklyn insists on having RoBlox on my phone, and so when I start the download, my Motorola tells me there isn't enough space.

Out goes Licious. In comes Roblox.


Unknown said…
next time just try Licious for meet. what if their quality is good.
from ur student
Ray Titus said…
I agree. The thought did cross my mind, but I am not convinced they can give me any better quality than the local guy who gets fresh meat every morning at his store. For me to try, they have to do better than the current price they are offering meat at.

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